Saturday, March 31, 2007

Getting Busy with Docs in Progress...

If you're clicking here from the recent indieWIRE article on Documentary Blogs or just found us on an online search for documentary film resources, you may be surprised to see that the Docs Interactive blogs are updated less frequently than many other blogs. It's not out of laziness as much out of busyness. In addition to running our bi-monthly workshops , we are also preparing for a new edition of our quarterly online newsletter. It includes interviews with doc professionals, reviews of documentaries, a calendar of upcoming events and deadlines, and more. It's free to subscribe to the newsletter by joining our mailing list through our website. On top of that, we are also partnering with Fernanda Rossi, a.k.a., the Documentary Doctor, on an all-day workshop on trailer mechanics in Washington DC on May 12. Did we mention we also both work fulltime, Erica's curating the 2008 Council on Foundations Film Festival, Adele has a film coming soon to PBS, Erica's got a dog to walk, Adele's got two kids at home, and it's tax season?

Not that we're trying to excuse ourselves.

But take a look through our back pages, feel free to comment on anything, bear with us for our shameless self-promotion, and stay tuned for more resources intended to aid the independent documentary filmmaker.

Adele Schmidt and Erica Ginsberg
Co-Founders, Docs in Progress

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