Thursday, February 15, 2007

Have ideas about alternative distribution? Sound off on The D-Word Forum from Feb. 19-23

Our pals at The D-Word ( are sponsoring a free online forum the week of February 19 on the topic of Alternative Distribution Models for Documentary Films.

This is a continuation of a lively discussion that began at the Docagora Conference at IDFA in December 2006. Joining the discussion will be international representatives from many of the organizations that took part there, including:

- Fleur Knopperts, Amit Breur, Peter Wintonick- Cameron Hickey- Cay Wesnigk- Ben Ross- Peter de Kock- Vernon Gielen
- Davin Hutchins- Pat Aufderheide

To take part in the discussion, go to the d-word forum at (you will need to register for a free sign-in through NewCafe - the instructions are on the site)

It's all part of The D-Word's recent series of conferences devoted to reaching a wider audience online.

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